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How to get 100 lvl in 3 days.

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How to get 100 lvl in 3 days. Empty How to get 100 lvl in 3 days.

Mensagem por snakezz em Sab 23 Jul 2011, 17:10

Hello All. Do you rly want to make a High LvL character? Get a full of loots, rares and cash? If yes it's the best thread to make it real ever you could found!
Few months ago i just started my RP, EK and ED Project. Those chars are 200 levels +

Most of the scripts are with Depositers/Refilers.
For all vocation from lvl 50~ till 250~ or more.
Over 100+ scripts for power gaming, getting money(on Hlvl chars profit even 40k/h!), quests or task makers!

The best way to see it it's testing by your own.

Only one thing you need to fallow the way like I botted:

Level 8 to level 15- Hunt at Trolls Edron/Ab'dendriel(Palys can not loot cash becouse trolls drops spears so they can hunt there without leaving the spawn).

From level 15 to level 25Hunt at Darashia Rotworms or Ankrahmun Larvas. There is a nice exp and some profit.

From level 25 to level 30(Knight) - Liberty Bay Rotworms.

[From level 25 to level 30(Paly)
- Tomb Penisula -2 with royal spear relifer.

At this moment you should have like 50k in cash botted for all those lvl-s.
Now you can buy some EQ and Promotion.

From level 30 to level 50(Knight)- Hunt on Dworcs. Remember to take some brown mushrooms on you and anty paralyze scripts.

From level 30 to level 60(Paly)- You can easly hunt on Tar Tomb After Scarab Coin. There should be some profit and like 50k/h. Till 60 lvl paly is better to get money.

From level 50 to level 80-90(Knight)- Buy better EQ and go on Port Hope Tortoises/Chakoyas/Apes/Lizards or even Barbarians.

From level 60 to level 90(Paly)- Now you should make ice island Quest and go on Helheim. There will be like 70k/h with some profit or same like Knight Barbarians/Apes/Lizards.

Level 90+From now both profesions can bot on Edron/Venore Dragon Lair. For sure to have a profit you need to have soft boots there. Exp is like 90k/1h.

Level 110+Draggons will be boring after some lvl-s. So now you can change your exp spot on Yalahar Heros/Necros or GS banuta on Paly.

From now both vocations should have Softs and Full Sets.
In the way from 1 till 200 lvl you will have some bonus cash from quests like:
-Demon Helmet Quest.

Level 130+
- Now your chars will be able to Bot on many Tibia Spots.
I will discribe about few of them.
-Frost Dragons. Exp: 110-120k/1h no profit on Knight till 150 LvL.
-Quaras. Exp: 90k/1h both voc have profit here.
-POI/Fenrock DL-s with firewalker boots. Exp: 150k/1h i think waste without big luck.
- Worker/War Golems. Exp: 100k/1h Big Profit.

Little list of 8 best Scripts from 150x included in pack:
- Yalahar Demons for Palys and Mages. Good task maker and profit.
- Vengoth Castle for all vocations. PG your char 350k-400k/h.
- Goroma Serpent Spawns.
- Hellspawns.
- Sunken.
- Spectras Inqu.
- Souleaters.
- Grims Yalahar.'

Most Popular That You can find in Pack:

Sea serpents Svar [D] [S] [T] [R]
Earth & Waters elementals [D] [S] [T] [R]
Heros/necros [D] [R] [A]
Mutated Rat's Yalahar [T] [R] [D] [A]
Fenrock DLs
Liberty Bay Wyrms [S] [R] [D]
Drefia Wyrms [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Arena [D] [R]
Liberty Bay Earth Elementals & Nightstalkers [R] [D]
Darashia Dragons [D] [S] [R] [A]
Darashia Dragon Lords [D] [S] [R]
Mutated Rats/Bat/Tigers [D] [S] [R]
Blue djins[D] [S] [R]
Barbarians Krimhorn
Okolnir South-West Mage [D] [S] [R]
Cave Worker Golems [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Cults [D] [S] [R]
Giant Spider Yalahar [D] [S] [R]
Edron Dragons [D] [S] [R]
Necro/Hero Yalahar West [D] [S] [R]
Haunted Treeling Yalahar/Vengoth [S] [R] [D] [A]
Dark Cathedral [A]
Malada Quara Scouts
Apes [S] [R] [D] [A] Big Profit
Zao/Fermine Scripts
Ghostly Dragons Hardcore
Frost Dragons Okolnir (For All Vocations) [S] [R] [D] [A]
Hydras Ank [R] [D]
Arena Mutated [S] [R] [D]
Bog Raiders - All Voces [S] [R] [D]
Crystal spiders [A]
Cyclops Mistrock [R] [D] [A]
Dragons Yalahar [R] [A]
Larvas Ankh - All spawns [R] [D] [A]
Minotaurs Yalahar [R] [D] [A]
Mutant Rats 2 towers [S] [R] [D] [A]
Nightamres Yala - all Voces [S] [R] [D] [A]
Orc Fortes - All Voces [D] [A]
Scarabs Ankh All Spawns [R] [D] [A]
Tarantules Port Hope
Venore Dragon Lair - All Voces [S] [R] [D] [A]
Rookgard 1-8 lvl Pacc
Worker Golems [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar GS [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Ice Witch [A]
Yalahar Quaras
Calassa Quaras
Yalahar Zombies [S] [R] [D] [A]
War Golems [R] [D]
Travel Scripts


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