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How to Hack Tibia Accounts by skejcik!

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How to Hack Tibia Accounts by skejcik! Empty How to Hack Tibia Accounts by skejcik!

Mensagem por skejcik em Dom 26 Jun 2011, 16:15

How to Hack Tibia Accounts by skejcik! Tibia_keylogger

How to Hack Tibia Accounts by skejcik! En2

This program has many different uses, or rather they are only limited by the number of user's imagination . One of these is the monitoring of log-ins to your all characters of your accounts. You will know whether the third party gets into your computer to log in to your character.

The second sample application is to assist in the sharing of account for games (accountsharing). Two players (Owners) install it on their computers and they know, who and when logged on the character.

The application of this comprehensive program is not limited only to these two examples, you can visit Forum to exchange experiences with other users, and learn how to use it in other ways.

Due to its construction, it's only for personal use and may not be use on the computers of the third party without their consent.

[SIZE="7"]How it works?

he principle of the program is simple banal. Just you need to turn on server on your computer and automatically, invisibly and quietly begins to monitor the laccount numbers and passwords entered or copied. And next filtering it, and then sending to the server, where you'll be able to see them again. Our safeguards like Anty_smap system make comming messages without any spam, and with the necessary information regarding your account.

You get Maker, through which you can configure according to your needs and create your keyloger. By Makar you can among other things, change the icon file, the file name, extension, bind to another file, or change the advanced options, such as compatibility, protective shell, or mode of action.

How does it get? ( DOWNLOAD )


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