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Tibia 8.71 || Tibia NG Bot 8.71 | Tibia MC 8.71 | NeoBot 8.71 v.2.4 [with cracks by evolution]

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Tibia 8.71 || Tibia NG Bot 8.71 | Tibia MC 8.71 | NeoBot 8.71 v.2.4 [with cracks by evolution]

Mensagem por Xev2010 em Dom 13 Mar 2011, 19:16

Tibia 8.71 || Tibia NG Bot 8.71 | Tibia MC 8.71 | NeoBot 8.71 v.2.4 [with cracks by


Tibia NG Bot 8.71 (Cracked)

TibiaBot NG comes with a very unique set of features.

# Aim runes at players from battle window.
# Attack combo, multiple players shooting runes or arrows at a single player at the same
# Automatic fast hands.
# Automatic fishing with fish stacking.
# Automatic healing with spells or runes.
# Automatic logout with buddylist when Player/GM detected or moved.
# Automatic mana drinker.
# Automatic script based responder.
# Battle and healing hotkeys.
# Customizable light intensity.
# Display player guild, vocation, level and max/current hp underneath name.
# Full light all the time with one button.
# Macro recorder for custom actions.
# Multi-level cavebot with customizable looting. Goes up and down rope holes, ladders and

# Play sound alert when damaged, full mana, Player/GM on screen, messaged or moved.
# Reduce CPU usage to zero while game is minimized.
# Relogin after server save.
# Rune maker and mana trainer. Multiple options when out of runes, alert, logoff or
# See through floors, walls and ceilings.
# Show experience needed for next level.
# Single click multi-shot runes and fishing.
# Trade channel helper.
# Professional GUI with many skins available!

Download: <~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tibia MC 8.71

Tibia MC enables the firing of two or more clients tibia.
fetched just change the file name to "Tibia.exe" and replace with the file Tibia.exe

located in the directory of the Tibia.

Download: <~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tibia NeoBot 8.71

Below is a list of some of NeoBot's most notable features:

* Advanced integrated healing/mana restore/mana train system that lets you heal with
multiple spells, potions and runes, and can use exact values or percentages.
* Easy to script hotkeys and script system that lets you do actions at the press of a

button or automatically, based on certain conditions.
* Built for both simplicity and flexibility in mind to let you do even the more
advanced things at the press of a few buttons or writing of a few words.
* Displays practical information on screen for convenience and to assist you in
taking choices during your gameplay.
* Can do various newly possible things such as minimizing backpacks and restoring
them when needed.
* Many features in the bot are implemented in script so you can just enabled them if
you want but you may also adjust them to your liking.
* All the basic things such as equipping ammunition, rings, amulets, picking up loot
into backpacks, moving things around inventory, using items, saying things, casting
spells, buying and selling items, etc.
* Lets you do any action at any specific point of a cavebot script and can perform
actions based on conditions.
* Goes up and down ramps, ladders, stairs, rope spots, opens doors, uses sewer
grates, etc.
* Has different ways of walking accross caves that may save time by avoiding areas
with no monsters spawned.
* Deposits gold and items, refills potions, talks with NPCs and travels with just a
few simple script commands.
* May be set up to kill different monsters with a different approach, attack,
equipment, and more.
* May run away from monsters, charge at them, stay at a distance, avoid their wave
and beam spells.
* May kill monsters with GFBs, exoris, waves or any other area spells and runes if
multiple creatures can be hit.
* Textually saves any settings partially like cavebot, healing, targeting into files
which can be edited or shared with friends and the community.
* May be customized and expanded in many ways using small scripts while also
providing support for complex and powerful scripts.
* Fully sizable, zoomable and scrollable map which can be opened in a separate window
that can track down your character or be used to easily explore surroundings.
* Automated login system which frees you from the hassle of having key problems or
having to request new keys every month.
* Can actually move your mouse cursor and press keys on your keyboard as it performs
its actions or simulate key presses and mouse clicks so that you are still free to use
your mouse and keyboard.

* And more! With more to come!

Download: <~~~~~~~~~~~~


All serial numbers are created by Evolution.

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